The Scofield Workbooks

The Scofield Workbooks are a project over a century in the making. The workbooks are adaptations of material written by Dr. Cyrus I. Scofield and published as a correspondence course by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, California. Dr. Scofield was one of the preeminent theologians and ministers of the early 1900s and a strong Futurist and Dispensationalist. The notes contained in these workbooks were used as the basis of the Scofield Reference Bible in 1909. Updated by Scofield in 1917, the Scofield Reference Bible became one of the most popular study Bibles throughout the Twentieth Century, introducing many Christians to Scofield’s dispensational views. The Reference Bible remains in print today.
The Synthesis Scofield workbooks take the learner on an in-depth journey to see the connectedness and beauty of the two covenants. It is recommended that you start with the O.T. and N.T. workbooks before engaging the Synthesis.  It is our hope that these rigorous workbooks will challenge you to dig deeply into God’s Word. All three books are available on Amazon.

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