Pathfinder U.S. Adventure Log

Some people are content to take the most direct route between two points every time. The fact that you are looking at the description for this book likely means that you are not one of them. In contrast, some of us have the desire to wander and seek out the thrill of visiting a place for the very first time. If that describes you, then the Pathfinder U.S. Adventure log might just be the thing for you. The log provides the user with a satisfyingly analog way to systematically track visits to every county, parish, independent city, county-equivalent borough, National Park unit, and state highpoint in the United States along with selected destinations in U.S. territories. Also included is space for extras such as stamps, stickers, notes, photos, or sketches. If you are seeking a convenient way to record yur travel memories that doesn't involve floating information in a cloud, then this book is for you!

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